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Testing Laboratory

Head of Testing Laboratory
Dipl.-Ing. M. Kronenberger

Tel. +49 (0)201 36 18-161
Fax +49 (0)201 36 18-163


Testing and Approval of Gas Appliances, Equipments, Fittings and Quality Management System

Our test results form the basis of product certification (CE mark, DIN-DVGW mark, DVGW quality mark) by the DVGW CERT GmbH. Know-how is available on a variety of construction products and combustion systems. Tests are carried out at the customer’s premises or in the laboratory of the Gaswärme-Institut e. V. as appropriate. The primary purpose of the test laboratory is to test gas appliances and fittings. In addition, the test laboratory carries out electrotechnical and electromagnetic compatibility tests in order to grant VDE and EMC marks in collaboration with the VDE. The test laboratory incorporates many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in examining gas appliances which are built to comply with national regulations and European directives.



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