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Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Naendorf

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Further Education Ensures Safety

It is essential to guarantee the reliability and technical safety of public gas supply networks and systems at all times. That is why many of our events help system operators to meet their responsibilities in a qualified manner.

But they are also about conveying new techniques and developments in the use of gas for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes – by us to professionals, and by professionals to end customers.

In both cases, participants benefit, as the results of our research and development work flow directly into our seminars and training courses.


Practical Assistance and Support

Practitioners working in industry appreciate our format - situations are not only discussed theoretically but also experienced and viewed in a live system setting.
Our training and demonstration systems offer a wide variety of opportunities in this respect.
Take, for example, the excavation damage demonstration system. This is used to show participants how to avoid damage and dangerous situations involving gas lines during digging work. Real life exercises and demonstrations on our training premises constitute an important part of this training process, and have proven to be key to successful learning in contrast to purely theoretical events.
Specialist conferences for larger numbers of attendants are not held at the GWI. Since the IBA was held (the Emscher Park International Building Exhibition), as an energy institution based in the Ruhrgebiet, we have been able to make use of a series of impressive historical industrial buildings. The combination of modern energy-related topics set against the backdrop of a historical colliery or an old steelworks leaves a lasting impression on delegates from Germany and abroad, and also symbolises the structural changes taking place in the Ruhrgebiet. An increasing number of specially designed events also take place abroad, sometimes as far afield as China.  

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Broad Sprectrum of Topics

Our events cover all aspects of the use and distribution of gas – from the latest natural gas applications for the heating of buildings, for cooling, in motor vehicles and in fuel cells, through to discussions on the development of safety elements in gas distribution systems and installations.
The people attending our events come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from engineers from supply companies who attend professional training courses, through to technical management staff who need to keep abreast of the latest developments. The GWI also uses the academy to publicise new research and development results for decision-makers from supply companies and industry. Because such a broad professional audience is addressed, topics are brought to the attention of industry, discussed and the introduction of new technologies and products is thus accelerated.

The other side of the coin: the professional public is included in our work as well. The GWI is often involved in the scientific development of new processes and in the investigation of new components for gas technology. In accompanying seminars, new developments are presented very quickly to the professional public and discussed in detail, which helps in turn to generate valuable feedback regarding the ongoing development of regulations and for further research projects.




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