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Forschung beim GWI

Research & Development

The advancement of science and research has been firmly established in the institute's statutes since its foundation and remains a central priority. While the research topics were initially focused on the gas and heat markets, the topics have expanded over the years to new fields due to the globalization of the power and gas markets as well as national and European energy and environmental policies. Currently, the Climate Action Plan 2050 and the initiated energy transition of the German government as well as the national hydrogen strategy are the driving forces of our innovation and research projects. Our activities focus on the investigation, optimization and economic utilization of the potential of gas as an energy carrier with the aim of integrating renewable energy, storing it and making it on available at any time. In addition to the "classic" topics of gas and combustion research, the topics power-to-X, decarbonization and sector coupling increasingly play a major role in order to secure the future supply of energy and to contribute to the targeted climate goals. Within these areas, we are involved in numerous research projects at state, federal and EU level as well as application-oriented cooperation with industry, investigating the following topics in particular:

  • increasing efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions,
  • renewable energies as a key element of the energy supply,
  • analyses along the entire value chain of hydrogen and related products (e.g. PtL, NH3),
  • all issues relating to gas properties, e.g. natural gases, LNG, H2, NH3 as well as the generation, processing, feed-in and use of renewable gases (biogas, SNG, H2),
  • expansion of network infrastructures,
  • energy storage using power-to-gas Technology,
  • analyses concerning the system integration of highly efficient technologies by means of elementary tools (following VDI guidelines and recommendations) or dynamic simulations (Modelica) and spatial visualization software (QGIS),
  • optimal use of combined heat and power in decentralized and centralized energy supply structures,
  • numerical modeling of turbulent reactive flows (CFD, code:(ANSYS FLUENT) in industrial combustion applications, chemical kinetics simulations (COSILAB) and process simulations (ChemCAD),
  • energy storage simulations and investigations,
  • innovative burner and combustion technology and plant optimization, as well as
  • measures for heat recovery and mitigation of pollutants greenhouse gases (such as CO, NOx,..)

Our projects include interdisciplinary work and cooperation with partners from academia and industry, but also with committees, associations and municipal utilities. The aim is to enable synergies and make use of them in an efficient manner; the research results serve to support our member companies, partners and customers and strengthen their competitiveness, both nationally and internationally.

The innovation and research projects are carried out by our R&D departments "Fuel and Appliance Technology" and "Industrial Combustion Technology" which have various experimental and test facilities, modern measurement technology and extensive simulation software suites at their disposal.

Herr Dr. rer. nat. Manfred Lange

Tel: 0201 / 36 18-273 manfred.lange@gwi-essen.de
Koordinator Forschung & Entwicklung

Herr Dr.-Ing. Frank Burmeister

Tel: 0201 / 36 18-245
Abteilungsleiter Brennstoff- und Gerätetechnik

Frau Dr.-Ing. Anne Giese

Dr.-Ing. Anne Giese

Tel: 0201 / 36 18-257
Abteilungsleiterin Industrie- und Feuerungstechnik