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02. Mai 2021

Newsletter THyGA 02. Mai 2021

ENGIE, DGC, GWI (Schaffert, J.), EBI,, Electrolux, BRD Thermea Group
One of the successes of THyGA is based on its capacity to communicate and disseminate about the acquired knowledge and potential exploitation of the results now and in the years to come. To do that, THyGA has shown to the stakeholders its illingness to share as much information as possible (80% of our deliverables are public). We involve specialists and the wider public in thematic workshops aiming at informing and getting feedback, to make sure that the approach we consider relevant is useful for a large audience. In that regard, 2020 has been successful with 3 main workshops: generic overview of the objectives in May 2020, and in October, results about the impact of blending hydrogen and natural gas (combustion theory and non-combustion aspects, hydrogen embrittlement and tightness issues) from WP2.
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Dr. Johannes Schaffert

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